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“Carolyn is a global expert on high-end business book marketing. She is delightful to work with, highly professional and always responsive. To have Carolyn in your corner is a real advantage in the competitive world of book launches.”

Rich Karlgaard, Forbes magazine publisher and author of The Soft Edge

“Carolyn and her colleagues delivered everything they promised–and more. The team aims high, works hard and collaborates well. But most importantly, they produce results. Because of their high performance, Monaco Associates has earned my highest recommendation.”

Maynard Webb, Yahoo! Board Chairman and author of the NYT bestseller Rebooting Work

“Monaco Associates has been unfailing in its support of our book and our business for many years. The firm’s advice, drive, and “get-it-done” approach made Break Your Own Rules a bestseller. Carolyn’s ongoing efforts have generated a number of critical blog, video, and speaking opportunities. We highly recommend her as an unparalleled resource of influence and results. In addition, Carolyn’s verve and style are contagious. It is more than a pleasure to partner with her.”

Mary Davis Holt, co-author of Break Your Own Rules, and partner of Flynn Heath Holt Leadership

“In my 35 years of corporate life, I have been privileged to work with many extraordinary people. Carolyn Monaco is one of them. Her character is impeccable, her competence is unquestionable and her ability to work with people is second to none. She is a winner!”

Doug R. Conant, Chairman of Avon, former CEO of of Campbell Soup and NYT bestselling author of TouchPoints: Creating Powerful Leadership Connections in the Smallest of Moments

“Smart, professional, driven and creative; Carolyn and her team are simply peerless.”

Kevin Allen, advertising guru and author of Hidden Agenda

“Carolyn is truly an author’s dream come true. She is dedicated, diligent and pays close attention to the tiniest of details. Carolyn is the definition of integrity. She stands above the rest in the publishing world with unparalleled expertise; she has built an astonishing and well-deserved stellar reputation.”

Marc J. Lane, President, The Law OFfices of Marc J. Lane, and author of 35 books

“Carolyn really understood my needs as an author. Her experience, coupled with her passion and love for the business, made the publishing process much less stressful. She is a strategic player that you can’t afford not to hire. I would gladly work with her again.”

Dan Schawbel, bestselling author of Me 2.0 and Promote Yourself

“I have never met an author who didn’t gush about their experience with Carolyn and her team. She is a must-have partner. On top of the fabulous results she delivers, she’s an absolute joy to work with. You won’t find a more fun co-pilot for your publishing journey.”

Rusty Shelton, President & CEO, Shelton Interactive

“Carolyn bills herself as a book manager. But that belies what she really does: She turns people into platforms, and books into bestsellers. Truly, Monaco Associates is the gold standard.”

Whitney Johnson, Co-founder of Rose Park Advisors and Author, Dare Dream Do

“Carolyn is the go-to person for book positioning and brand marketing. She is brilliant, a creative thinker and a careful listener. She delivers.”

Bronwyn Fryer, writer and Harvard Business Review contributing editor

“Carolyn’s invaluable efforts helped make my book become a bestseller. She’s an awesome marketing strategy partner and I recommend her highly!”

Stew Friedman, Wharton professor and bestselling author of Total Leadership

“Carolyn absolutely knows the book business and what it takes. She was integral in guiding me and my company along the path, with a To Do list and plenty of coaching along the way.”

Susan Scott, NYT bestselling author of Fierce Conversations and Fierce Leadership

“Carolyn is innovative, tireless, highly resourceful and thinks outside of boxes most don’t even know exist. We worked together on a high-profile book launch that required bi-coastal collaboration. From the onset, Carolyn and her tenacious team understood the issues authors face, especially in today’s high-tech world. Trust me, Carolyn’s a force.”

Miles Daniels, Account Executive, Lewis PR

“Carolyn’s good sense, inventiveness, and clear sightedness are critical in an ever changing ‘content’ industry. She and her team are unique in what they offer clients, and they go above and beyond the call to make sure goals are met and projects succeed. I recommend them highly.”

Susan Williams, Executive Editor, Jossey-Bass/Wiley

“Carolyn and her team are the very best any business book author could dream of having help them market and brand their thought leadership. She takes time to understand the objectives of her clients so she can craft a marketing, branding and sales plan ideal for them. I wish I had known Carolyn sooner. I will use her for all of my books and projects. “

Derek Lidow, Entrepreneur, teacher at Princeton and author of Startup Leadership

“I have worked with Carolyn through launches of my two bestselling books. Trust me: She is a bright, savvy, and tenacious marketer who approaches every engagement with the goal of creating ‘wins’ for everyone involved. Carolyn is among the most responsive of collaborators–and it shows in the quality (and quantity) of her relationships. I would absolutely work with her again, and recommend Carolyn for anyone looking to use their pending book to increase their impact on the market. 5 stars.”

Charlene Li, bestselling author of Groundswell & Open Leadership